Are you watching what you fill out?

Some of you may have noticed the bombardment of “take our survey” notices from just about every website and retail store. There is a reason for that and it has nothing to do with your satisfaction.

Federal law states that in order for a company to market to you legally, especially by phone, there must be proof of an existing relationship. So if you walk into ABCD Hardware store or vist 12345 .com online (don’t visit that site — it’s just an example), and pay with a one time use credit card and leave no phone number and give them a throw away email address, then the company’s relationship with you ends at that sale.

This is not what corporations want. They want to be able to know when you’re pregnant before your family does. They want to know when you’ve lost your job before you’ve told your wife. It’s that simple.

So the best thing to do is not fill out any of these online or phone number surveys. These are ways that one of my more nosey aunts used to prime me for information about what was going on in my family’s house and this is essentially what every company wants, more information about you.

It’s information. Isn’t it time you tell corporate America that your information and life is none of its business?

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