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Do you really benefit from Adobe’s monthly licensing plan?

Adobe Creative Cloud logo

Adobe Creative Cloud logo

So Adobe Creative Suite 6 has arrived and with it, yet another effort by a software company to lock people into long term fee payments plan. First off…this plan is great for the student, amateur, or professional who needs access to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, or one of the many programs included in this package for $49.99/month (fee may change).

But once you sign up for this service, you are probably not going to be able to use this right away. Right now it is taking Adobe 48 hours to send your serial number to you. It will make you feel like one of the students involved in the Adobe Education program.

Moreover the costs for this plan seem to be aimed at the user who will upgrade every 18 months or so. Where does this figure come from? I’m glad you asked.

49.99 (let’s call it an even $50) x 18 = $900 but that $900 would cover the costs of the basic CS Web Premium package. Additional software and access will cost you more.

Let us now ask outselves, when is this plan advantageous. The answer is easy…if you do the occasional photo edit or the infrequent web design, you will benefit from this plan as you can subscribe to complete your task and let the subscription lapse when your project is over.

If you are a regular graphic or web editor, then it is easy to see where you would benefit from buying a physical copy of this software.

Adobe tools are the de facto standard for professional photographers, video editors, graphic editors, web developers/designers and programmers, aa well as instructors and military medical instructors.

So plan on seeing more of these types of plans from other software companies. Plan on seeing more frequent, say yearly, updates from the big three, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle.